• The Turkish press keeps an attentive eye upon President Serge Sarkisian’s statements regarding the Armenian-Turkish relations. After commenting on the Armenian Presodent’s June 23 speech in Moscow, the Turkish newspapers proceeded to his article published in July 9 in the Wall Street Journal.
  • The Wall Street Journal is the mouthpiece of the “Neo-conservators”, who order the activities of Washington, therefore articles are published in that magazine by chance.

    Surely, this fact is known to the Turks. That is why the “Radikal” newspaper published the Turkish translation of the article on July 10. On the very same day “Eni Safak” and “Vatan” published comments on the article, and “Sabah” a day later.

    When speaking about President Sarkisian’s article, the Turkish journalists are most of all interested in the statements regarding the joint Armenian-Turkish commission.

    Most probably, the President of Armenia saying that “establishment of normal relations will permit us to create a joint commission in order to study all the complicated matters concerning Armenia and Turkey”, meant an intergovernmental commission, not a scientific one. Even in 2005 when Erdogan suggested establishing a joint commission of historians, Robert Kocharian answered with proposition of creating an intergovernmental commission after diplomatic relations start between Armenia and Turkey.

    In case of establishing an intergovernmental commission, the sides will be able to consider such matters as the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, the inconsistence of Turkish negationism, or the elimination of the consequences of the Genocide. This are political, not historical issues, therefore their discussion cannot provoke any doubt regarding the truthfulness of the fact of the Armenian Genocide.


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