We continue to introduce to your attention our interview with the Director of the Museum-Institute of Armenian Genocide Hayk Demoyan.



“If Armenian party accepts the proposal made by Turkey about setting up a committee of historians than we must ask them whether or not they are planning to include those Turkish historians who are persecuted by article 301 only for recognizing the Genocide of the beginning of the 20th century?

We can also propose to set up a trilateral committee. There should be a neutral side represented in the committee, in the person of international scientists and scholars specialized in Genocides, not to judge but to control the objectiveness of the discussion.

If Turkish party made this proposal to confirm their denial policy, then it is evidently a waste of time for both Armenian and the neutral parties. We don’t have time to spend on similar senseless discussions. If Turkey really intends to get additional information about their own history (because the Genocide of Armenians by the Turks is not only the history of Armenians but also the Turks), then we are ready for similar discussions; we are ready to allocate various testimonies that, for well known reasons, have not been accessible for Turkish historians and Turkish society.”

“Recently during his meeting with the employees of the National Security when Serge Sargsyan touched upon the role of our structures in the information warfare with our neighbor countries, he underscored that the National Security has lots of work especially in this sphere. In fact the President attached great importance to this sphere.”

“It is a really important issue, because it is under the support of the state in our neighbor countries. In Turkey for example, staging information warfare is a school, with special persons trained in NATO, who have skills in having psychological influence. These people are in Azerbaijan for exchange of experience.

My observations of 5-6 years brought to a conclusion that the same school is being formed in Azerbaijan. We are really wasting time. There is a really serious counter-action for Armenia and I’m stating that counter-action is equal to war.”

“What must we do?”

“We must deprive Azerbaijan of at least one chance. Today 50% of Heydar Aliev’s fund (headed by the latter’s wife) is intended for anti-Armenian advocacy. But we can’t even use the abilities of Diaspora in this information warfare.

There is another dangerous tendency: we are not trying to compare our resources, energy and capabilities. Everyone wants to achieve something separately, it is not right. We must be able to compare our forces, to allocate money to rouse interest for the working group to work effectively.

But this process must be continuous, and not one-off, for example to allocate money from the budget but only for one year. We must have serious resources: a library, computer centers, the resources attached to the information analytical centers must work jointly otherwise we will not record any success.

Information-advocacy works should not be limited in announcements only. We need serious resources, beginning from the schoolbooks up to satellite TV. There are amateurs but we don’t have specialists in this field. We need grants to have at least 50 people working in this sphere; otherwise we will be in complete blockade.”

“We still raise the issue of opening the borders, but we can’t help speaking about religious-cultural aggression. If in the conditions of the closed borders Armenian’s are the prisoners of “mugham” (Turkish music), what will happen if the borders open? Won’t we suffer more losses, than gain something (for example Turkish goods)?”

“I understand the objectiveness of your panic, especially because lots of Armenians go to Antalia for holidays. Of course it is their right and I will not judge them. But each country has got a basic document aimed at providing the security of that country. Last year we adopted the document of Armenia’s Security Strategy and RA Military doctrine. So it is high time to pass the documents stimulated from the before mentioned comprehensive document: such as information, psychology, and cultural security.

They should not remain only documents, the activity of all the administrations must derive from those documents.”

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    3 responses to “Hayk Demoyan/ARMENIA IN INFORMATION AMBUSH

    1. The answer to the question in your first paragraph is a resounding YES! In fact, if you don’t, it will not be as fun.

      Those “historians” should experience, first hand, what it is to be humiliated on a scientific forum by real academicians who use nothing by archival evidence like the Boghos Nubar Pasha letters boasting about the “de facto belligerence of armenians”; the British, French , armenian and Ottoman census figures showing population ratios in Eastern Provinces; the Cyrus Hamlin letters warning about the sinister plans of the Dashnak and Hinchak militia; and the Ottoman central government letters to local authorities warning about the dire consequences of abusing relocatee columns.

      So far, those so-called historians “persecuted” by article 301 have only been publishing lies in the non peer-reviewed literature about an “unarmed, loyal, and unsuspecting majority being systematically eliminated by the State from their 2500-year homeland simply for being Christian”.

      It is about time the armenian “authorities” of the Diaspora and their Turkish lap dogs stopped hiding behind the excuse that “they find it unethical to sit at the same table with genocide deniers”, and defend their thesis against challengers who are well-prepared, for the first time, and willing to defend the honor of their ancestors and their Homeland.

      I personally think that the armenian Diaspora, and particularly the Gregorian Church in the USA, should discontinue poisoning the vulnerable mind of their younger generation with Turkophobic ideas, and realize that there are better and more efficient methods to preserve their national identity and help their starving motherland. Because, if they don’t, they will have to realize that perpetrating the same shameless lies as those of the last four decades among the gullible locals will be substantially harder; and will come at a significant social, political and economic cost from now on.

      Kamuran A. Kadipasaoglu, Ph.D.
      Executive Secreteary
      Turkish Political Action Committee

    2. Tanju Obut

      First of all by calling it a Genocide up-front you are taking away the fundamental right of any country and any person; innocent until proven guilty. But we won’t go there because obviously you consider yourself as the judge and the jury.

      Secondly, I never understood why Armenia is so against setting up such a committee all along. Is there something she is afraid of. If she is so sure about the events of 1915 is genocide, then why not exploit that avenue and take that argument out of the Turkish hands. If Turkey looses, let it be. We will all be satisfied.

      Thirdly, if the Historians supporting the Armenian thesis firmly are going to be in the comittee why not include the historians that are firmly supporting the Turkish thesis also. Free speech is the most fundamental human right.. Lets not forget that. If countries like Switzarland & France are firmly against this most fundemental human right, we don’t have to follow their lead. After all, France still needs to talk about millions of Algerians she killed only 50 years ago. Gentelman, our justice system says you are innocent until proven guilty. I, like many Americans, firmly believe that. Do you?

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