Armenia.Ter-Petrosyan is more antiturkish than anyone?

While the ARFD activists buckle down to the recognition of Armenian Genocide, in Armenia and outside, and they don’t hurry to “condemn” Serge Sargsyan’s announcement regarding the settlement of Armenian-Turkish entangled string, as a rule, the pro-Turkish activists of Armenian Pan National Movement don’t want to calm down.


The leaders of Armenian Pan National movement(Levon Ter-Petrosyan and etc.) and their propaganda attaché show signs of unexpected “nationalism”, more catholic than the pop.

Fixed on the story of setting up the Committee of historians these people rage Serge Sargsyan, as usual misrepresenting the facts, accusing the President in, no more no less than “questioning the recognition of the genocide”.

By repeating like a parrot evident falsehood the new demanders of Armenian Cause are stubbornly trying to represent their cynical lie as the truth. They particularly state that Serge Sargsyan “was the first to officially agree to setting up the committee of historians that questions the recognition of the Genocide”, proposed by Turkey.

We must remind you that ex-President Robert Kocharyan who has been rudely criticized by the same circles for his “harsh attitude” towards the same proposal, has many times offered to establish an inter-governmental committee to discuss all the issues of concern linked with Armenian -Turkish relations. And the fact that the entangled string of the Genocide is the most difficult matter of concern in Armenian -Turkish relations is beyond doubt. Mostly for the activists of Armenian Pan National Movement, for whom removing the issue of the recognition of Armenian Genocide from the agenda of Armenia’s foreign policy has always been a “priority”. Something that is impossible, as Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan has already mentioned. Because the attitude of official Yerevan regarding the recognition of the Genocide has not changed.

Presidential Press Secretary Samvel Farmanyan said: “Actually Serge Sargsyan’s stance towards Armenian – Turkish relations has not changed.” That is: “Turkey proposed to set up a committee of historians to study all the facts. We don’t mind any investigation, but the latter doesn’t mean misrepresenting the real facts.”

And the most important thing is, during his meetings in Moscow Serge Sargsyan clearly underscored: “we can speak about it only after the opening of Armenian -Turkish border.” Which means – not setting up the committee but simply discussing that topic.

Serge Sargsyan grounded this stance by the fact, that otherwise in the conditions of the continuous blockade of Armenia by Turkey, the issue of opening the border and establishing diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey will turn into an everlasting dispute among the historians.

This was the focal point of the announcement made by the President, that the professional speculators don’t want to notice, thus trying to solve several issues at once.

First: to trick the public, representing themselves the demanders of Armenian Cause, to gain the sympathy of the majority, those who are against improving relations with Turkey at the account of the recognition of Armenian Genocide.

Second: to create enmity between the Diaspora and Armenian authorities. Third: to thrust a wedge between Dashnaktsutyun and Serge Sargsyan, to create problems inside political coalition and finally to dismantle – dissolve the ruling power.

That is to say to realize the mission granted from the heaven, by which Ter-Petrosyan returned to “active politics” turning Armenia into the polygon of “military trainings”.

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