“I would like to know the viewpoints of L. Ter-Petrosyan and the Armenian Pan-National Movement with regard to Den Fried and M. Bryza’s statements on territorial integrity. It would really be very interesting to know what they think about it.

   Or, as they say, considering President Sargsyan’s statement problematic, they ‘forget’ that as a member of the ‘Armenian-Turkish Reconciliation Committee’, Alexander Arzoumanyan, one of the top figures of the Ter-Petrosyan-led movement, questioned the 1948 Genocide Convention. Does it concern the Armenian Genocide?
   The thing is that the international recognition of the Genocide was not included in Armenia’s foreign policy agenda during the tenure of L. Ter-Petrosyan.
   And now, the Foreign Minister has reconfirmed S. Sargsyan’s statement made in Moscow, saying that the issue continues to remain in the agenda of Armenia’s foreign policy. All the rest are simple speculations,” KIRO MANOYAN says.


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