Magic people,woodoo people

Yesterday ARMAN MOUSINYAN, L. Ter-Petrosyan’s Press Secretary, was the guest-speaker of “Hayeli” (mirror) club.
   The radical opposition is going to devote the current month to the preparations for the republican-wide demonstration which is going to be held on August 1. As announced by the activist, “We are now doing all our best to prepare for the demonstration, and are going to organize a sit-in protest in this intermediate period. There are a lot of people desiring to participate in the event, and some people are already doing so. Thus, the political life will be in full swing, and we will do our utmost to liven up and mobilize society and arrange the August 1 demonstration in a proper manner. ”
   The activists of the Armenian pan-National Movement are convinced that they are the only pro-opposition force on the political arena. They do not obviously like the idea of the third pro-opposition pole which is being sketched on the arena and has already entered the stage of development. “There is one opposition in Armenia. Some people are making attempts to find another opposition. But Armenia has one opposition which is headed by L. Ter-Petrosyan.” And the final goal of the Ter-Petrosyan-led opposition, as seen from the words of A. Mousinyan, is to hold extraordinary elections, regardless all the circumstances.
   The revolutionaries won’t accept the election results. By the way, according to the Spokesman of Mr. Ter-Petrosyan, compliance with the clauses of Resolutions 1609 and 1620 is a constraint similar to inquisition, “The Council of Europe is resorting to inquisition. No one in the world can force either you or me to take any decision. The decision of the Constitutional Court is binding upon the state-government bodies only.”
   Two senior officials of the Council of Europe are visiting Armenia next week, and the leaders of the movement are not going to conceal their dissatisfaction with the activities of the European structures. “We are going to represent the country’s current situation, as well as our approaches and perhaps, our criticism of the conduct of the European structures.”
   The speaker didn’t rule out the possibility of L. Ter-Petrosyan’s assistance in the activities of the interim committee investigating the March 1 events, “If L. Ter-Petrosyan can somehow assist in the detection of all the circumstances of the case, I don’t think there will be any problem. The detection of the March 1attrocities is one of our principal demands. All those who are culpable within the frameworks of this case should be strictly punished, and if we can somehow make our contribution to the process, why shouldn’t we?”

   However, the ideas of the neo-Bolsheviks on the formation of such committee remained unclear. “We have expressed the main principle for setting up such committee: there should either be an equal representation by the authorities and the opposition or 1/3 representation by the representatives of L. Ter-Petrosyan, the authorities and the international community. As to any other mutual agreements, they will simply be a pretext for not solving problems, making detections and conducting investigations.”
   Touching upon the plans for future, the speaker promised that the struggle would become tougher in future. “We will thirice inctrease the rhetoric of our political struggle and make it tougher.”
   With regard to the participation in the upcoming elections to the local self-government bodies, A. Mousinyan said, “If ‘Heritage’ party makes a political decision and nominates candidates for the local-self government bodies, the pan-national movement will assist them. Being a unit of consolidated political forces, it should not only receive but also provide assistance. That’s to say, the political cooperation should be mutual.”


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