Destruction of historical monuments in Azerbaijan. EU will monitor in September

A delegation led by Robert Palmer, Council of Europe Director for Culture, Cultural and Natural Heritage Tuesday visited Azerbaijan, where he announced that the Council of Europe’s Ministerial Cabinet will visit the region in September to assess the destruction of historical monuments in Azerbaijan .

The Armenian cemetery in Julfa was razed to the ground by Azeri soldiers in December 2005 and to date, some 3500 khachkars have demolished and the cemetery was transformed into a firing ground

Earlier this year, Armenian foreign minister Eduard Nalbandian said the destruction of Armenian cemeteries and khatchkars in Julfa in Nakhichevan is nothing but medieval barbarism.

He said that Armenian has provided UNESCO with all necessary information on the issue.

“Despite Armenia and Karabakh’s efforts, Azerbaijan continuously hinders a UNESCO mission called to clarify the situation with the historical and cultural monuments,” Nalbandian told reporters.

Palmer said during the meeting that Azerbaijan and Armenia have made commitments not to destroy cultural heritage. According to Palmer, the list of destroyed cultural monuments introduced by the parties will be studied by the Council of Europe mission.

Palmer did not announce a specific date for the mission.



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4 responses to “Destruction of historical monuments in Azerbaijan. EU will monitor in September

  1. May I just remark that the Council of Europe is not the EU (as indicated in the title), but an independent international organisation ( and that Armenia is a member state of this pan-European organisation.

  2. Just to be complete: Azerbaijan is also a member of the Council of Europe…

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  4. Galichian R

    How can Azerbaijanis allow anyone vist the site? They have left no tombstones or cross-stoens left on site. All have been broken to pieces and dumped into the river or taken away!

    They now have a reason not to allow anyone near the site. They have built a military practice ground on it and it will be considered a “military restricted zone”.

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