Armenian genocide is not a subject of discussion.

YEREVAN (ARF Press Office)–“The Bureau is adamant that the fact of the Armenian genocide is not a subject of discussion, and no high-ranking official representing Armenia may have a different approach. Universal recognition of the genocide is vital for the existence, security and future of our people and statehood,” said an announcement Tuesday issued by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation after its first plenary session, which ended Tuesday.

The announcement, which summarized the Bureau’s meeting conclusions, also emphasized the imperative for the reorganization of the Diaspora to become an important political and economic component for making Armenia and Armenians a recognizable force. To this end, the Bureau deemed the formation of a Diaspora Ministry as an important means for entering a new, more enhanced, phase in our reality.

The Bureau also outlined the imperative for the ARF to become a more active force in the domestic life of Armenia, given the internal and external challenges facing Armenia and Armenians today. On the one hand, the Bureau said the elevation and strengthening of Armenia’s international reputation and on the other hand, the internal political, socio-economic life required deep-rooted reforms.

A specific emphasis was placed on ensuring that the Karabakh question remains on our national agenda as an imperative element of Armenia’s existence.

The Bureau also determined the responsibilities of organizational entities and ANC offices in relation to the garnering of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide and strengthening Armenia’s statehood.

It also welcomed the recent election of the ARF representative on the Executive Board of the Socialist International.

“For the ARF Bureau, the goals and responsibilities of its international structure are the improving of the moral consciousness in Armenia, the strengthening of democratic standards, the development of social stability, the resolution of economic issues and ensuring the unity of Armenia and Diaspora,” said the ARF Bureau


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