Armenia.Ad hoc committee studying March 1-2 events starts to work.


The National Assembly ad hoc committee studying March 1-2 events has referred a letter to the RA police and the former president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan asking several questions closely connected with some events they have dealt with, said Samvel Nikoyan the chairman of the committee in a session.

Nikoyan said that the questions are drafted himself after he has discussed with an expert. No member of the committee and the defender of human rights have not recommended any question. Note that the defender of human rights has not been present at the session.

The Committee asked the Police the following question: “what was done by the police in the morning of March 1? What are the basics of it? What was the staff number? What subdivisions were in touch with it? What was used? What was description? What legal documents have been drafted? What technical and special items have been used? Who leaded the actions? Was violence conducted?”

The Committee expects to receive answers to the following requests sent to Levon Ter-Petrosyan. “Were the organizers and participants to the meetings been warned by the police officers about the legal activities conducted for 10 days? Approximately how many people have taken part in the meetings? Approximately how many police officers have come to the square? What actions were made by the police officers? And what was the behavior of the participants? What was the attitude of the police officers to You?”



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