The Presidency of the EU Council has been shifted to France from July 1 up to the end of the year.
   During the coming six months the French Presidency is planning to reform Europe’s energy policy, to contribute to the maintenance of the environment and assist the struggle against the climate change. French Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Armenia Serge Smesov and Head of the delegation of the European Committee in Armenia Raul de Lucenberger yesterday represented three more priorities of the French presidency.

   They particularly underscored that 27 EU member countries are already elaborating a common immigration policy. In this framework France will mostly pursue the goal of averting illegal immigration. The issue of Europe’s security and defense is one of the priorities.
   Taking into consideration the increase of food prices in the whole world French Presidency attaches great importance to the elaboration of a common agricultural policy.
   Serge Smesov particularly mentioned that France considers it important to establish a free regional trade zone with the new European neighbors and provide conditions for free movement, for the citizens of those countries.
   Though the ambassador mentioned lots of reasons why he avoided answering the questions regarding our country’s internal-political situation, he had to. He said the requirements of resolution 1609 and 1620 wouldn’t have any impact on the process of the program “New neighbors”.
   ‘We don’t have any intention to clarify Armenia’s internal political estimations. Council of Europe came to a decision that in any case they won’t use any sanctions against Armenia, at least up to 2009. The program “New neighbors” is EU program and Council of Europe has submitted the resolution to Armenia.
   We can simply hope that the requirements of the resolution will become an agenda issue for Armenia. Our program is built on the common value system. The cooperation between Armenia and the European Union is conditioned by those factors.”
   Raul de Lucenberger informed us that the European Union has signed a plan of actions with Armenia in the framework of the program “New neighbors” and previewed the activity of the coming years. “The progress of the relations between Armenia and the European Union is conditioned by the speed and effectiveness of the jointly elaborated action plan. And “New neighbors” program is under no danger”.




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