Good luck,Armenia


In a month Olympic Summer Games 2008 start in Beijing and Armenia will be presented in the games by 25 sportsmen, said Anzhela Mirzoyan, advanced specialist of Armenian Olympic Committee to
This year 6 weight lifting sportsmen, 6 Greco Romanian Wrestlers, 4 boxers, 3 free style wrestlers, 2 judoists, 2 athletes, 1 shooter, and 1 swimmer. This year again Armenian delegation will be leaded by the President of Armenian Olympic Committee Gagik Carukyan.

“The delegation covers 13 trainers also,” said A. Mirzoyan. According to her every year the sportsmen get more trained and this year Armenian delegation has expectations of victory.

Remind that in Olympic Games held in Athens 18 Armenian sportsmen took part but none of them won a medal.



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2 responses to “Good luck,Armenia

  1. Charles Topiolian

    turks (it is in lower case for a reason) are afraid to realize that we are smarter and stronger. They feel threatened by our intelligence, our power, and our ability to put ourselves above anything they have ever done or will ever do. It is not our fault they feel less of a people because we do everything that they do 10 times more superior. If turks had real men among their population they would step up and admit to what has occurred. Unfortunately they are afraid of the consequences and use the wimpy American base in turkey as leverage. None of them deserve to live!

  2. Sevak Barsegian

    Hayer VPERED!!!!Armenia go ahead!!!!!

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