Armenian Ombudsman-“elusive” Joe

Human Rights Defender Armen Haroutyunyan yesterday sent an official letter to Mr. Gorik Hakobyan, Head of the National Security Service, with a request to ensure the security of his family members.
   Reminding Mr. Hakobyan that according to the law, the Ombudsman and his family members are under the protection of the state, A. Haroutyunyan wrote: “With the purpose of guaranteeing the individual protection of my family members, escorting me with highway patrol and providing transportation services for my family members, I request two vehicles and five employees from the authorized body.”

   In his letter, the Ombudsman indicates no word on any threat against his family members.
   And there couldn’t have been any. Who could be haunting the elusive ‘Joe’?
   It is just an attempt to draw the public attention to his personality and satisfy his increasing ambitions. It is, perhaps, pleasant to ride in the town surrounded by guards and escorting vehicles.
   You feel as though you were an important person and not some insect which you really are.


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