Armenia.Tourism industry expansion.

Recently governmental approve of the ‘conception on tourism promote’ will be realized in stages. The first stage is planned to realize in 2008-2011 and the rest stages will be planned after the monitoring of realized projects, being held in that period. Mekhak Apresyan, the head of tourism office of the ministry of Economy, informs it to

According to the head of the office the aim of the ‘conception on tourism promote’ is to describe and evaluate the Armenian tourism resources, trends and prospective of tourism development in Armenia, as well as define the main aim of state policy in this sphere, evaluate war-calls and obstacles decide problems, directions and principles of state policy for the realization of the goal.

‘The main problem of the project is to develop eco-tourism, rural and communal tourism, winter tourism as well as resort and healthcare tourism’,-he added.

Apresyan notified that Armenia, being a stable country for business and inculcation, safe and attractive for tourism, rich with natural and historical resources has an opportunity to offer various, competitive tourism results and high-quality service to international tourism market and added that during the last 10 years an unprecedented evolution has been registered, but comparing with international scale, few people visited Armenia. Only 0.08% of European and 0.04 % of would tourists visit Armenia. What concerns the income of inter country tourism; in 2006 it used to be 299mln. US dollars.

He said that in order to realize the aim of state policy in the sphere of tourism it is necessary to satisfy stable development of tourism which demands the active and efficient cooperation of all interested sides: members of state and local governments, private sectors and inhabitants.
According to Apresyan the aim of state policy in tourism is to widen the input of the sphere in national economy, create conditions for the development territorial economy at the same time struggling against poverty.

The head of the office said that it helps to realize the rise of tourists` number at the same time increase the income and offered more high-quality tourism results and new work places. For solution of the problem of this sphere it is necessary for and foremost to define and develop the sightseeing centers and tourism results, create price system in Armenia, define the list of services, arouse target markets, continually study the tends of development, develop Armenia as an attractive country for tourism.
He assured that these projects will come true and some part of it is in process of creation. Tourism develops mainly based on tourism resources: natural, historical, human, and without them it is impossible to secure its protection and reproduction. It means none of us is privy.



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