Armenia-Azerbaijan. President focused attention on the information warfare

The concerns of the President have serious grounds



The fact that our country’s leadership has focused its attention on the alarming situation in the sphere of information security has serious reasons and why not – a pre-history, as this sphere plays a crucial role in ensuring the country’s national security in general.

Having initiated the elaboration of the National Security Doctrine, Serge Sargsyan has now started focusing his attention on such an important sphere as information, already acting in the status of the country’s President. And it is not accidental that he raised this issue on June the 3rd, during the working meeting with the senior officials of the National Security Service (NSS).

Confirming the fact that the practice of disseminating misinformation about Armenia and the Armenian people increased to the level of professionalism in several neighboring countries long ago, the President gave praise to our scholars and compassionate citizens who make responses to the Turkish and Azeri propaganda by their own initiative. In particular, he underscored, “We chiefly express our positions in this sphere on behalf of the organizations and individuals acting by their own initiative.”

It is not accidental that the information agencies of Azerbaijan began thorough considerations over the viewpoints expressed by Serge Sargsyan.

They are certainly satisfied that the Armenian leader has openly spoken about the unsatisfactory situation with the country’s information security. They consider the fact as their advantage in the information warfare.

However, in case of being on the level, we should confess that this is the truth, and the boldness of publicizing the reality testifies only to the fact that Serge Sargsyan intends to bridge the gaps inherited from the past years.

The several dozens of primitive accusations and libels elaborated by the Azerbaijani propaganda with the purpose of compromising the Armenian people are already available on the news pages of the international information agencies, producing a certain impact on the political circles of different countries. Moreover, along with reporting all kinds of information about Armenia or Nagorno Karabakh, the Azerbaijani Web sites also present to the reader relevant “historical references” with a lot of spiteful information on the “occupation” of 20 percent of the territories, the “Genocide of the Azeris”, the “Armenian terrorism” etc.

To find the right way in the vortex of the false publications and to get familiarized with the positions of the Armenian side, the foreigners should turn to the help of the Armenian electronic media which, however, publicize only raw facts and, at best, some scrappy comments regarding them. That’s all. It turns out that by using the Internet, we deal with a unilateral ‘game’ which was doomed to failure from the outset.

As regards the activities with the international organizations, e.g. the OSCE, NATO and the Parliamentary Assembly, they are strictly unsatisfactory as well. In their reports and decisions published every month, one may almost always find certain ideas and assessments reflecting pro-Azerbaijani and pro-Turkish viewpoints.

Neither does the Public Television make a full use of its potentials and display the required consistency in the sphere of propaganda, restricted to broadcasting relevant information for our compatriots of the Diaspora.

The same is true for different analytical centers of Armenia which receive funding from the Government. The analytical materials they publicize are not enough for resisting our rivals in the sphere of information and propaganda. As to the involvement of the National Academy of Sciences and relevant institutions, it has only an episodic character. And finally, the issue of coordinating the activities of so many different institutions is actually in a state of neglect.

We believe it is now time for setting up some body or structure coordinating our foreign policy propaganda and anti-propaganda. Operating in the system of some institution, that body will also be required to make use of the strategy and the specific working programs elaborated by the joint efforts of the relevant analytical centers and scientists.

Simultaneously, there is a necessity to extend our propaganda potentials on the international arena. Relying on the Diaspora, we have forgotten that in the course of so many decades the latter has elaborated its own methods of propaganda, and today, in conditions of the existing independent statehood, such methods need to be enriched and strengthened due the broad involvement of the state agencies and especially, the intellectual potentials.

Our state agencies, information-analytical centers, scientific institutions, Diaspora, Foreign Ministry and parliamentary diplomacy should be responsible for laying the foundations of the united propaganda, by way of organizing relevant discussions and conferences.

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