Yerevan. July 2008. Less than 1% of people support Ter-Petrosyan

If Pan-National Movement consists of 7000 people what’s a point to consider movement as a serious opposition? What’s a hell to take them serious? Less than 1 percent of Yerevan people attend the rally, so this should be called Pan-National Movement? Stop it,please:)

Think,that any more or less popular singer in Armenia could consider himself as a serious opposition also could claim government for the dialogue on the different topics?

Ter-Petrosyan has already evacuated his family,what’s reason for people to support this guy? He doesn’t care about you people…

YEREVAN (AFP) — Several thousand opposition supporters rallied Friday in the Armenian capital Yerevan to call for a series of anti-government protests.

Up to 7,000 opposition supporters were seen in the centre of Yerevan by an AFP reporter

Ditord noticed that with summer heat driving people away from Yerevan and the holiday season killing all types of enthusiasm for action, political or otherwise..



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2 responses to “Yerevan. July 2008. Less than 1% of people support Ter-Petrosyan

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  2. vozni

    Do you really think that less than 1% people in Armenia are crazy?

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