Armenia.Yerevan. Opposition rally on July 2008.

The fact that the leaders of the “pan-national” movement are not very attentive towards their words is not a secret.


For the last one-week these people terrify us saying that the demonstration of July 4 will be “decisive”.

But the meeting hold yesterday in front of Matenadaran was not only far from being decisive or continuous, but the participants of the meeting also showed that their leader is groping in vagueness.

By the way the number of the participants was significantly lesser as compared with the meeting hold on July 20.

And there was no livelihood on the stage. The list of the speeches displayed that Levon’s companions-in-arm are far not as enthusiastic as they used to be. The same way as during the previous meeting, leader of “Heritage” party Raffi Hovhannisyan didn’t participate in the “decisive”. And though usually member of “Heritage” party Vardan Khachatryan used to deliver a speech, this time the latter disappointed the gathered ones. He didn’t even approach the microphone.

Instead they brought the representative of “Heritage” party in CEC Zoya Tadevosyan with them. The latter intimidated the administration by nominating her candidacy for the elections of the governor of Arabkir community in September. When she finished her speech she left arm-in-arm with Vardan.

Leader of People’s Party of Armenia Stepan Demirchyan also didn’t deliver a speech. What can we do, this person has nothing to say. Vice Chairman of the People’s Party of Armenia Grigor Harutyunyan filled the gap, who fortunately has something to say: “Struggle, Struggle to the end. We don’t have any other option.”

It can seem incredible but believe me; leader of “Hnchakyan” party Lyudmila Sargsyan also didn’t deliver a speech. It is a very bad sign because without the thunderous speeches delivered by Lyuda the movement is somewhat tasteless.

But of course there was someone to replace her. A young man in a T-shirt with an inscription “Now” came to the microphone and started to sing in a very bad voice. His voice was so bad that Suren Surenyants couldn’t stand it and he immediately neutralized the activist.

There was a feeling that after being released from prison Jirair Sefilyan won’t come down from the demonstration-stage. But yesterday he was following the process of the demonstration as a simple participant. To cut it short only the activists of Armenian Pan National Movement delivered speeches yesterday.

Leader of “Hanrapetutyun” party was the only “weighty” leader to deliver a speech during yesterday’s meeting. Aram Sargsyan said that he would like to speak about Karabakh. After speaking a little he came to a conclusion. “Just imagine: every morning the President of Azerbaijan gets up and looks at oil prices in the international market, and he sees that his country and he himself have become richer by 10%. And the President of Armenia looks at the same prices and sees that his country and he himself have become poorer by 10%.”

Davit Shahnazaryan repeated the same things that he said in the press clubs last week. But, nonetheless, the coordinator of the revolutionary movement in the Northern Avenue said something new: “The Northern Avenue has turned into the never-abating steeple of the pan-national movement.”

And when Levon Zurabyan’s turn came, who was going to reveal the tactics of the movement something went wrong with the microphone. But the problem was immediately solved and the participants started to listen to what Zurabyan was going to say: “Unfortunately we can’t completely reveal our tactics. Because whatever we tell you immediately turns into the possession of the authorities. This means we must hide certain things to maintain the effect of unexpectedness.” Zurabyan announced.

This means to butcher the activists with a bad knife. But the member of the Armenian Pan National Movement was not that cruel and he decided to reveal certain details.

Zurabyan said that he is planning to hold a “fiery” demonstration on August 1 and before that he will continue his struggle by “staying in the street”. This means from today they are starting a 24-hour sit-in, in Northern Avenue. Everything is clear; LTP is going on holiday for 25 days. This is called “an effect of unexpectedness”.

The speech delivered by the leader concluded the demonstration. As a topic he chose “the tight balance of Robert Kocharyan’s activity”. Before Robert Kocharyan’s end of office LTP had already managed to label him a “tyrant”.

After which he was doing his best to set Serge Sargsyan against his previous. If by now he was trying to gain Serge Sargsyan’s favor, by simply exhorting him to demarcate himself from “March 1”, yesterday he showed the way how the acting President can demarcate himself from “the heritage left by Kocharyan”.

Later he ordered to dismiss certain “detestable people” and intimidated that if RA President doesn’t fulfill his demand, from August 1 the movement will demand Serge Sargsyan’s resignation.

But I wonder what have these people been doing beginning from February 20, by demanding to hold extraordinary elections.

No, really the leader of the revolution really needs rest. Of course 25 days is not too much but his brains will refresh and during the “fiery” meeting in August 1 he will come out with a new demand. For example he will demand to file a case against R. Kocharyan in Hague Court.

Of course he has already spoken about it many times, but on August 25

the demand will sound in a new form – more decisively, sharply and furiously.

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