The PACE Resolution on the “Fight against Anti-Semitism and Especially its Manifestations in the Mass Media and the Academic Circles” again draws our attention to the commitments undertaken by the OSCE member states.


We wouldn’t certainly be concerned by the adoption of the document if David Crammer, US Under-Secretary of State who was visiting Yerevan a few days ago, hadn’t expressed his own concerns over the anti-Semitist propaganda allegedly circulated by the Armenia media.

What are the reasons of looking for anti-Semitism in our country? Which are the “internal impulses” guaranteeing their possible repetition?

In our country, it is more than senseless to look for anti-Semitism as a definite and clear-cut phenomenon. We believe that the US State Secretariat and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe are aware of it as well. The problem here is one a different plane.

The Armenian public, at least some part of it, was seriously concerned by the obvious and disguised presence of the Jewish factor in the country’s political life during the recent presidential campaign. The press spoke a lot about the millions of dollars spent by the Jewish circles of foreign countries with the purpose of organizing L. Ter-Petrosyan’s campaign. And their information, which was quite well-founded, was never refuted by anyone.

Moreover, at the most heated moment of the political campaign the whole country saw the Israeli flag swaying on the Theatrical Square during L. Ter-Petrosyan’s pre-election meetings. And society never received the answer to the question what the leader of the Armenian Pan-National Movement wanted to say by that.

If this was a way of expressing gratitude to the foreign “sponsors”, society did have the right to be concerned by that. If not, the organizers of the rally should have explained their goal of “introducing” such kind of attributes to our country’s internal political campaign.

Perhaps, this was done with the purpose of provoking the political rivals and arousing their counteraction which was becoming quite natural and logical in such conditions. And then it would be possible to give the State Secretariat (as well as the OSCE) the opportunity to classify Armenia among the countries suffering from the old-time illness of anti-Semitism.

So, who provides a breeding ground for the increasing rumors on anti-Semitism, a topic to which we had a scornful attitude in the past?” Are our enemies so few in number for us to allow some people to replenish their ranks with the Jews, a nation sharing the same fate with us? Certainly not. The thing is that the obvious facts proving the presence of the Jewish factor in the internal political campaign in Armenia were not refuted in time. On the contrary, they were openly shown to the public, arousing its anxiety.

All those who also involve the Jewish factor in the process of realizing their political goal for acceding to power become the “sewers” of anti-Semitism in Armenia.

The rumors and accusations on the “alleged” anti-Semitism in our country have been recently spread by the international-political circles which are trying to attribute the consequences of the indecent steps of the opposition and its leader to the Armenian authorities and public which fear the threat of foreign intervention.

It turns out that apart from laying their burden of responsibility to others, they are also making attempts to accuse those people of their own sins.

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