Will Levon Ter-Petrosyan campaign for the 4th President of the Republic of Armenia.
   In response to the question of “Hayots Ashkharh” daily LTP firstly clarified the number of the last President and only after that did he answer our question, but we had to repeat the question.

   He said: “Only in case of extra-ordinary elections. We demand extraordinary elections. That is why we demand that. After 10 or even 5 years it is senseless to touch upon this topic. Why do we demand extraordinary elections? Only for that reason. But most probably I will nominate the candidacy of another person.” Of course he didn’t reveal the name of this person.
   But judging from the announcement made by LTP recently he will nominate Gevorik’s candidacy from Armenian Pan National Movement, for the 4th presidential elections in Armenia.



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