Ter-Petrosyan/Summer season in Gyumri

   After the earthquake of 1988 Levon Ter-Petrosyan  made his third “historical” visit to Gyumry last Saturday.
   If you remember his first visit to Gyumry was in 1990, which was aimed at sending back the constructors who came from different countries to restore the ruined city.
   His second visit was this winter, in the framework of the pre-election campaign.
   And the third visit was last Saturday. As a well-informed person, not fearing Turkish and Azerbaijani spies, he yet again breached the regime of his “house arrest” and appeared in the Theatrical Square in Gyumry in June 28.

   There are two reasons for organizing a political tour in Gyumry.
   First: the center of the movement headed by LTP wanted to show by their visit that they are not indifferent towards the revolutionaries in Gyumry. And in the honor of the “political prisoners” originating from Gyumry, Makeyan, Ashot Zakaryan, and Saghatelyans, he decided to hold a demonstration. By the way the radicals have decided to hold demonstrations in the native cities of all the other political prisoners.
   The revolutionaries can’t put up with the idea that four months after the elections the provinces are not as enthusiastic as they used to be and the inhabitants, sick and tired of the post-election developments have become extremely passive and live their every day life.
   What they need is to burn the fire of the demonstrations with the thunderous speeches and to convince everyone that the struggle is still on and they need the support of Gyumry people to have victory, because the latter didn’t participate in June 20 demonstration near Matenadaran. Of course the activists of the movement will state that the reason was the closed roads, but in case of a big desire they could have reached Yerevan.
   What did LTP speak about in Gyumry’s Theatrical Square, for the participants of the meeting that mostly came with him from Yerevan?
   He was telling different kind of jokes, speaking about “the national disasters” he pointed out the emigration problem and the people’s life that is going from bad to worse.
   Because he had mentioned during the pre-election campaign that in case of being elected he would stay in office for 2-3 years, in Gyumry he revealed the names of those whom he was going to shift power.
   “I was planning to shift power to more energetic and young political figures such as Stepan Demirchyan, Aram Sargsyan, Raffi Hovhannisyan, Alexander Arzumanyan, Davit Shahnazaryan.”
   Can you imagine what danger we averted by not electing LTP? From the before mentioned names, except Demirchyan all of them have already failed in this or that post.
   It was only one week before that during the Meeting near Matenadaran in June 20 LTP blamed Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan for selling the country’s gold by a very cheap price. But in Gyumry he announced that: “there are some honest people in the government, such as Tigran Sargsyan, Edward Nalbandyan and a couple of Ministers but I don’t think these people can make practical steps to change this system.”
   What a kind attitude towards the Prime Minister and some Ministers. What is really noteworthy is that during the pre-election phase LTP and his companions-in-arm were trying to persuade us that the government in power is going to dissolve but today they are trying to touch the hearts of some high-ranking officials thus hoping to split the ruling power.




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