Armenia/Co-chairmen’s visit

   Political Analyst Davit Babayan
   “The visit of the co-Chairmen is of both political and protocol nature. Protocol – because the co-Chairmen regularly visit the region and every time, besides meeting with Armenian and Azerbaijani leadership they visit Artsakh. Thus in essence they prove that NKR is a conflicting party, though at the moment it doesn’t partake in the negotiation process. In this regard this visit can be considered a regular visit.
   On the other hand, the recent developments make this visit very important from the political point of view.

   Let’s start from the fact that Kosovo declared its independence recently and many countries did recognize this independence, which gives a new energy to the settlement of the conflict. On March 4 as we know the Azerbaijanis violated the cease-fire. After this negative event the co-Chairmen should have visited the region and discussed it with NKR President, the authorities and the government. It’s worth mentioning that the government has changed in the countries of the region, both Armenia and Karabakh have new Presidents, new Presidential elections are in store for Azerbaijan in autumn, and in this regard the regular visit of the co-Chairmen to the region a bit differs from the previous ones.
   NKR President and the government have reconfirmed Artsakh’s stance regarding the peaceful settlement of the conflict and that Azerbaijan’s bellicose announcements hinder the process of the negotiations.”
   “How do you estimate the fact that Azerbaijan managed to repeat its famous resolution in PACE, regarding the “liberation of the occupied territories by Azerbaijan?”
   “Thus Azerbaijan is doing its best to hide it’s anti-democratic policy towards the national minorities. We all know that during the recent weeks and even months the idea of the national sovereignty is bursting among the lezgies, talishis and avars. They have already appealed to Daghistan, Russia and the whole world anticipating that the international community will somehow respond to the violation of the minorities’ rights.
   It is natural that Azerbaijanis intend to gain dividends, trying to decline the attention of the international community and bring it to Armenia’s internal political problems. It is evident and we must always take it into account.”
   “The leaders of the “pan-national” movement don’t even hide that their goal is to convince PACE use political sanctions against Armenia.”
   “The recent developments testify to the fact that the rivalry has become sharper between the two geopolitical poles. And if at present any European or western structure or state uses political sanctions against Armenia it will definitely change the ratio of the forces in the region.
   At the moment it is not beneficial for anyone especially the West to use political sanctions against Armenia, that can have impact on Armenia’s foreign policy. That is why I don’t think it can happen.
   Of course it is beneficial for certain internal and foreign powers. Firstly for Azerbaijan, which can gain dividends in case of Armenia’s “pro-Russian” stance, representing itself as the champion of the western values.”
   “Has Armenia’s policy regarding Karabakh changed after the “coup d’йtat”, or everything is the same?”
   “In general the strategy of the settlement of Karabakh conflict should be the same for Armenian people. There can be some changes in terms of the tactics, but the main approach must be the same, which is – Karabakh can’t be part of Azerbaijan.
   The second principle, which is not less important, is the guarantee of Artsakh’s security. In this regard, in my view nothing has changed and it cannot change because the majority of the people doesn’t question these two principles. In this case the change of government cannot have any influence on the policy regarding Karabakh


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