The Presidential Elections of Armenia/DISCLOSURES

The Strategic Research Center of Moscow has published an analytical report entitled “The Presidential Elections of Armenia from the Point of View of Ex-President L. Ter-Petrosyan’s Influence on the Internal Political and Electoral Processes”.

The “Analytical Report” provides a detailed description of the stages of Ter-Petrosyan’s political career from 1988 onwards. In particular, the Russian analysts provide the following information on L. Ter-Petrosyan’s political steps:

“L. Ter-Petrosyan did not stand close to the sources of the Karabakh Movement; he joined it later, after feeling that this force might bring him to power. And the fact that he, together with his companions-in-arms, was arrested by Mr. Gorbachov’s decree made him a hero. And that he was released just six months later is estimated as a proof of the fact that Mr. Ter-Petrosyan was recruited by the Soviet Intelligence Services.

There is some documented evidence on the real motives of L. Ter-Petrosyan’s being involved in political processes in the 1980’s. The orientalist, formerly less popular but materially well-off, was pushed to the demonstration arena in April-May 1988 by the desire of saving his brother, Telman Ter-Petrosyan who was accused of large-scale embezzlement and bribe-taking and was in custody pending trial.

As reported by several sources, Telman Ter-Petrosyan, the manager of one of the large enterprises, was not only one of the wealthiest people in Armenia but also one of the masters of the ‘black cash’ of the Communist Party – a holder of amounts envisaged for giving bribes on different levels through the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia.

And this key figure, one of the pillars of Soviet Armenia, was overthrown by the Gorbachov-led system of ‘perestroyka’. It was necessary not only to save Telman but also make the system collapse so as it wouldn’t recover its punitive force. Therefore, together with the pro-Karabakh speeches, one of the first appeals of L. Ter-Petrosyan was ‘To remove the Prosecutor General of the Republic’. The appeal was accepted with enthusiasm. The goal was achieved. The Prosecutor General was removed from office, and the newly-hatched member of Karabakh Committee had his brother released from prison.

As to L. Ter-Petrosyan’s second “advent” in autumn 2007, the analysts of the Strategic Research Center of Moscow present quite interesting observations in this regard.”  In particular, the authors of the “Analytical Report” say that Ter-Petrosyan and his team received tremendous amounts of financial resources for the electoral campaign. Turkey and Azerbaijan provided the funding through the Western Foundations.

The specialists of the Strategic Research Center are sure that Ter-Petrosyan’s return to the political arena was not absolutely impromptu. “There are grounds to assume that different foreign structures played a special role at the stage of preparing his return. Every year, the ‘British Council’ sends active young people to study in the Public Policy School of the Birmingham University. For being awarded the ‘Achieving’ scholarship, it is necessary to submit recommendations from the liberal parties, and the Armenian Pan-National Movement is one of them.”

“There emerged the youth movement called ‘Sksel a’; it first organized innocent flash mobbers and carnivals, attracting students to its ranks. The movement was funded by Britain. Step by step, it became politicized. Last year, the funding of the movement made up more than 100.000 pounds.”  According to the data of the Strategic Research Center of Moscow, the foundations named after Fredric Nauman and Fredric Ebert, as well as “Eurasia” foundation and others provided funding to the organizations supporting the Armenian Pan-National Movement for 10 years continuously.

In 2007, a number of activists belonging to anti-government youth movements and having ties with the Armenian Pan-National Movements (Ter-Petrosyan’s Press Secretary was one of them) were awarded scholarships in different universities abroad, e.g. the United States, Great Britain etc. During the whole year, the studied the political technologies and returned to Armenia prior to Mr. Ter-Petrosyan’s pre-election campaign.

“Since the very start of Ter-Petrosyan’s electoral struggle, the group of politicians representing ‘Spectrum’ Strategic Analyses Center have been working in Yerevan; they are also members the International Institute of Strategic Research, London, The US Naval Foundation. According to non-official data, ‘Spectrum’ is an organization actively cooperating with the Turkish and Azerbaijani Intelligence Analytical Center,” the analysts of Moscow announce.

In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that the activists of the Armenian Pan-National Movement have received their Master’s Degrees from the NATO University, studied in the Political Research and Public Administration School of NATO, taken special leadership courses in the G. Marshal European Center of Security Issues, Garmish-Partenkirchen, Germany


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