Presidential Press Secretary about Armenia-Turkey relations

“President Serge Sargsyan’s stance towards Armenian-Turkish relations is well-known, it hasn’t changed and has been represented many times. The President has spoken about this issue in Moscow, on June 23, during his meeting with Armenian Community in Moscow and on June 24, during his meeting with the representatives of Russian experts’ community. The stances have been clear in the both meetings and didn’t give grounds to misunderstanding,” Presidential Press Secretary Samvel Farmanyan said in response to the questions regarding certain points of Serge Sargsyan’s speech during his meeting with Armenian Community in Moscow.

   “A proposal has been made by Turkey to set up a committee of experts to investigate the historical facts regarding the Genocide. We don’t mind any kind of investigation, even evident facts and widely accepted realities. Investigating the facts doesn’t mean questioning them.
   But the formation of such committee could have been logical only after the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries and opening the borders. Otherwise it can turn into an option to prolong and speculate the existing problems. In the 21st century there should be no closed borders between the two neighbor countries,” the Press Secretary said.
   He considered it strange that those who once used to do their best to close the most tragic page of our history are trying to speculate the issue of the Genocide. “The policy of getting a political share from any issue is really intolerable.” S. Farmanyan said


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