While the democrat candidate for presidency Barak Obama was stressing the importance of recognizing the in his message to Hay Dat commission chairman Ken Hajickian, Assistant to US Secretary of State, Daniel Fried, was making a speech at the Congress House of Representatives, dedicated to the latest events in Caucasus.

Fried qualified the Armenian-Turkish relations as very fine and painful and stated that Armenia must recognize the existing border with Turkey and be ready to answer Turkey’s possible gestures. He said that Armenian authorities must officially declare that they have no territorial claims from modern Turkey, and Turkey, in its turn, must be ready to face the darkest pages of its own history, however difficultit be.

CNN-Turk, referring to Fried’s speech notes that pro-Armenian Congress members Adam Schiff and Diane Watson were sternly asking why the USA has not recognized the yet. Fried replied that the fact of the has been never denied by the President of the United States. He said that the term “genocide” is never used due to reasons of political matters, as it would by no means contribute either the development of the Armenia-Turkey relationships, or Turkey’s own approaches to the matter.

Yesterday candidate for the office of US Ambassador to Armenia, Mary Yovovich was to be interviewed at the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Commission.



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