Two Synagogues Desecrated in Baku, Azerbaijan




        According to Alexander Rusetsky, the director of the Georgia Helsinki Group  who went to Baku in February, two Baku synagogues were desecrated in the  Fall of 1998. s the chairman of the synagogue of European Jews, Mikhail Bekker, told the  Caucasus Bureau on the phone, the synagogue of European Jews was desecrated on October 17th in Baku, one day before the inauguration of  President Aliev.

The walls and doors of the synagogue were covered with feces.   Rabbi Bekker believes that this was done in retaliation for the Jewish   community’s open and active support for President Aliev in the presidential 
  Approximately one month later, a synagogue of the Mountain Jews in Baku was  also smeared with feces. This time, the scale of what was done was much larger  than in the first case. This attack happened on a Friday night so people who came to the synagogue for Saturday morning prayer found a depressing picture.
       This second synagogue desecration is likely a consequence of the fact that on  November 16th, during a meeting with President Aliev, the chairman of the 
synagogue of the Mountain Jews reported that during anti-Armenian pogroms in Baku, the Jewish community hid Armenians.

       The people guilty of this crime were arrested. They were members of a
       pro-Iranian group who do not approve of President Aliev’s ties with Israel. Since  then, whenever matzo is baked in the matzo bakery attached to the synagogue, a    police team stands guard in front of the building.

       Additionally, you can still read on the walls of buildings in various parts of the city   the inscriptions, “Mossad scum – leave Baku” and “All of the circumcised are   soldiers of the army of Israel.” The person who wrote these inscriptions was  arrested, and turned out to be a psychiatric patient, but the antisemitic slogans  remain on the walls.



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