Late in the evening yesterday, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe passed the Resolution on “Armenia’s Compliance with Resolution # 1609”. Almost all the proposals of the Armenian delegation were accepted.


Touching upon the most important provisions of the document, David Haroutyunyan, Head of the Armenian delegation, singled out the right to the freedom of assembly. It was particularly mentioned that the law “On Holding Assemblies, Demonstrations, Marches and Rallies” should be applied in a way not to make additional restrictions with respect to those rights or the choice of the place.

The Resolution envisages special approach to the people sentenced under Articles 225 and 300 of the Criminal Code; it proposes to speedily release those who were not direct participants or accomplices in the acts of violence. Under another provision, the Assembly considers it impermissible to prosecute individuals based upon the police testimonies only.

The Assembly also expresses regret that some of the opposition activists won’t comply with the Resolution’s requirement to recognize the election results and the decision of the Constitutional Court.

The Armenian authorities are offered to discuss all the possible mechanisms (amnesty, pardon etc.) for the release of the individuals who didn’t resort to violence during the March 1-2 disorders. Special attention was paid to the activities of the interim parliamentary committee in terms of increasing its independence and transparency of work,

As mentioned by D. Haroutyunyan, some changes have been introduced to clause 6 of the Resolution (on granting a license to “A1+” TV Company without delay), taking into consideration the fact that under the relevant law of the Republic of Armenia, a license cannot be granted directly. “Thus, the process should be carried out on competitive bases; however, it is necessary to ensure open and transparent opportunities for all the participants of the contest,” Head of the delegation clarified.


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