Anti-Semitism in Azerbaijan-Part 1

Zerkalo, Baku

Jewish organizations in Azerbaijan have received unsigned letters that threaten to avenge the death of Hamas leader Shaykh Ahmad Yasin, Azerbaijani daily Zerkalo has reported. Analysing the recent attacks in member countries of the US-led coalition and nuclear cooperation between Iran and Russia, the daily suggested that these threats could be part of “a bigger policy” regarding US plans against Iran. The following is an excerpt from A. Rasidoglu’s report by Azerbaijani newspaper Zerkalo on 3 April headlined “Baku may become a target for terrorists” and subheaded “A number of Jewish organizations have received a message from terrorists that next Sunday will become bloody”:

The Jewish school in the third housing estate in Baku received an unsigned letter of threats yesterday: “We will avenge the death of our Hamas leader Shaykh Ahmad Yasin. Wait for Passover surprises!”, the president of the Jewish women’s organization, Larisa Reykhrudel, told a Zerkalo correspondent. According to her, the law-enforcement agencies have already been informed about this.

Other Jewish organizations have received similar letters of threats as well. We do not indicate the extent to which the situation has deteriorated, we do not confirm or deny this fact, but one way or another, we have to draw certain conclusions. The thing is that following the 11 September events, Azerbaijan became one of Washington’s supporters. Then our country’s military units left for Afghanistan and Iraq within the framework of the fight against terrorism. In a word, Baku has proved that it is a loyal friend of the United States. Given the fact that the member countries of the antiterrorist coalition have lately become a target for terrorists, terrorist attacks in Baku are still possible. Passage omitted: Recent attacks In Pakistan, Turkey and Spain Mainly Jewish organizations have been targeted in most of these countries. Several dozens of Jews have been killed in Turkey as a result of these terrorist acts. There is a danger that Jewish organizations will become a target for terrorist attacks in Azerbaijan as well.

Passage omitted: The paper says that terrorists usually commit their crimes in public places Today when almost any smuggler can violate the Azerbaijani border, it is quite likely that well-organized terrorists might get into our country. In the current situation, one can unequivocally say that it is not “the Muslims’ fight against infidels”. To all appearances, the game on the new field is joined by Russia and Iran which do not want to allow any operations to be carried out against the Tehran regime from Azerbaijani territory. It is true that the Kremlin is not interested in aggravating relations with Washington. On the other hand, Russia does not want to lose the Iranian market – there are not so many buyers of its high-tech products today and to all appearances, Moscow has no intention of putting up with Russia’s role as an adjunct of raw materials to the West. Something different concerns us as well. Not only has Russia sold a nuclear reactor to Iran, it has also promised to supply it with ready-made nuclear fuel and receive nuclear waste on its territory. And the conclusion is that along with the Bushehr nuclear power station, Iran also has other nuclear facilities that need enriched uranium. If these facilities have a purely civilian nature, then why is Iran against IAEA inspections?

It is known that Israel is most concerned about Iran’s missile and nuclear programmes. Israeli diplomats, as well as Israel’s friends in the USA have been using Washington to exert pressure on Russia and restrict Russia’s technical cooperation with Iran. According to some reports, independent research centres in the USA have drawn the conclusion that precision strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities might not only reliably freeze the development of its nuclear programme, but also significantly undermine the so-called “tough Islamic regime” in that country. Passage omitted: This is proved by Iraq’s example; the USA denies any plans to attack Iran Summarizing the aforesaid, we can say that the unsigned letter is quite likely to be part of the scenario of a bigger policy.


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