Third Party Voice: Reactions to being called “scum”

“I don’t think any person with dignity can be found in Armenia to go against the people and not stand by our side. It’s painful there is a lot of scum, but, be confident, the more powerful our movement becomes, the less becomes the scum..”

This is from Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s February 23rd speech. I read these lines and my heart pounded.

I don’t stand by Levon’s side, me, my wife, my children, my relatives, we are all scum.

My friend says his daughter takes part in the boycott of student strike. I ask does she support Levon, he says, no, what are you talking about, but if she goes to the classes they will call her a traitor.

On February 9th when the campaign was underway I was passing Tumanyan Street and heard Levon’s speech: “This rally and the march showed the boundary is clearly drawn – on the one side is the free, brave, hero citizen who has dignity, on the other side – is the scum of the nation.”

Throughout the whole campaign Levon and the press that supported him divided people into scum and heroes, into traitors and patriots, turning themselves into the “noble race”. It got on my nerves, but there was no feeling of alarm. Now I see with my own eyes how the “noble” citizens want to take over.

Levon Ter-Petrosyan stated during the campaign he has already won having declared himself a president before even the results of the elections were known; he used the protest that accumulated during the 12 years after he created the system of frauds and forced an escalation of revolutionary moods. LTP used to state even if they [the opposition] had won 100 percent of votes they won’t give in the power, now he says they will take it even if they don’t get more than 50.

Levon Ter-Petrosyan stated the rally on the Opera square will continue until he is taken on hands to the president’s seat.

Speakers at the rally curse everyone who is not by their side – Charles Aznavour and Nicolas Sarkozi who have congratulated Serzh Sargsyan and international observers who have positively evaluated the election results; they collect signatures demanding resignation of the Catholicos, and call traitors all those who are not with them.

A friend of mine, a physic academician tells one his former students, now a scientist, who invited him to Levon’s headquarters, where he was persuaded to organize a group of academicians to join them. My friend refused and his former student blamed him for taking the way of a whore. He was shocked how could his favorite student, he educated from the first year till doctorate, insult him for Levon.

At the rally the next day those who do not join them the Ter-Petrosyan movement were derided as “mta-vorr-akan” – a play on the word “mtavorakan” something close to being call “ass lickers”.

I met a journalist of an independent medium in a minibus who was just back from the rally, excited, asking if I support Levon. He wanted changes he said. Me? I have forgotten something should be changed in this country, I only think of preventing this evil: Levon has called me scum.

Those alarmed do not go out for rallies, have no tribunes and newspapers. Those who have computers speak out against the threat in virtual forums:

“To write, to shout about this infection everywhere, to struggle, to open people’s eyes, I know it is hard, I know they are protected by various conventions, they have good protection everywhere, but one shouldn’t keep silent, and I don’t want to, because the country is on the barrel of gunpowder,” posts one.

And: “At the round table at the Radio Liberty today political commentator Anush Sedrakyan compared Levon with the Christ.”

“I heard it, but all that was nothing. At the rally on February 20th a journalist spoke and said a man saw a dream in 1949 King Levon VII would come in 40 years and everything will be good with Armenians at last.”

And: “When they frankly curse Charles Aznavour, when they believe in bold lies, when they ascribe without an analysis the dark and cold days to the war alone like LTP does, when a seemingly normal guy calls Vazgen Manukyan a scoundrel, when you hear [the words] Levon is our God and when the choice is set between Levon as God and Serzh as Satan, how can one keep from thinking this way [meaning that people have turned into zombies].” “It’s hard to fight against them, it’s very hard, and they can give such sticky labels, like saying that anyone who opposes Levon is from Serzh’s headquarters.”

At another forum people are discussing how to make their voice heard: “Those who are against Levon and Serzh should gather by the Matenadaran. This should be thought over and should be done as soon as possible if decided to do.”

“Allies should be found in the political field among the available forces. Nothing can be done without them.”

“Levon’s supporters and the rest may take the rally of that kind as one of Serzh’s supporters. So, maybe, it should be clearly defined it’s against both.”

It’s late to seek a third party, elections are over and the voice of the third party is deafened by the revolutionary conflict between the two. When the voice of the third side becomes audible it will be too late as the disaster will have already hit.









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