Karabakh-Mass Wedding

STEPANAKERT (Karabakh-Open)–The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Government has instructed the Ministry of Social Security to open bank accounts in the Stepanakert branch of Unibank for organizing a mass wedding, slated for September and initiated by Russian-Armenian benefactor Levon Hairapetyan.
Government reports estimate that 550 couples have already registered for this event and Hairapetyan has asked not to stop the registration process.

For this event Unibank will issue gold cards worth $2000 dollars for each couple, which will be the gifts to the newlyweds.

From 50 to 100 couples will get married in Gandzasar, after which they will return to the Stepanakert Stadium where they will join the other couples and their guests for a larger ceremony.

This event is organized to stimulate the Karabakh population and is slated to be the largest of its kind. Performers from around the world will be on hand, as well as the international media, including CNN.

“Our aim is to stimulate the development of the population of Karabakh. The population of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic must reach 300,000,” Hairapetyan told reporters.

“Each of the sponsors will be the godfather of several families, and a godfather has definite duties. On the birth of the first child $2000 dollars will be transferred to their bank account, $3000 on the birth of the second child, $5000 on the birth of the third, $10,000 on the birth of the fourth, $50,000 on the birth of the sixth child and $100,000 on the birth of the seventh child,”added Hairapetyan.


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