Yesterday Levon Ter-Petrosyan addressed the authorities proposing to honor the victims of March 1 tragedy with the title of a hero. Besides that “the families of each victim must get 1 million dollars’ compensation.”


Later he promised to represent the program of the future actions of the revolutionaries and immediately forgot about his promise. Instead he stated that Armenia’s cognizant society doesn’t recognize the legitimacy of the Presidential elections and the demonstration is aimed at informing the West about this fact. Estimating by sight, he decided that 200 thousand people were present in the demonstration and said that they will stand there “as much as they need to achieve their end”.

It turned out that the demonstration was aimed at prohibiting the European bureaucrats: “to treat Armenia with the principle of racism and from the point of view of their highest instances.” Levon Ter-Petrosyan is confidant that it is not the reputation of Armenia but that of the authorities that has been spoiled after February 19 and March 1.”No window was broken; no car was damaged until the authorities opened fire on the people. Nothing more.”

For a long time the speaker was trying to convince the participants of the demonstration that there shouldn’t be any law on “massive rallies”, because it contradicts the Constitution. But he had to add that the Constitution envisages restrictions on the rights, so there must be a law on the “restrictions on massive demonstrations”.

Touching upon the implementation of PACE resolution 1609, Levon Ter-Petrosyan said that the establishment of the temporary committee investigating the consequences of March 1 tragedy is very “insignificant”. Later he announced that “Gevorik from Armenian Pan National Movement” would be his representative in that committee.

From the proposals made in the resolution Levon Ter-Petrosyan separated and attached great importance to the demand to release the “political prisoners”.

“They are all victims of political reckoning. None of them has been charged with caring guns. They also confess that the police and even the troops have opened fire. We have been informed that the special subdivision of Nagorno Karabakh army has participated in this slaughter. In case this information is confirmed Bako Sahakyan must be announced “persona non grata” in Armenia.

L. Ter-Petrosyan was trying to convince the participants of the demonstration that the most sensible, brave and determined citizens of our nation are detained at the moment. And said that those who detained these people will soon find themselves in prison.

He separated former vice Prosecutor Gagik Jhangiryan from the “political prisoners”. “The only thing this man did was to speak publicly about the breaches during the presidential elections. Nothing more. In fact the reason of harassing him is his intention to disclose “October 27”.

Ter-Petrosyan announced that if all the political prisoners are released before the discussion of Armenian issue in PACE he will appeal to PACE not to use the previewed sanctions against Armenia.

Later he addressed President Serge Sargsyan: “It is a crazy thing to create a problem in Armenia, which will continuously make the people furious. Isn’t it possible to solve this problem in one day with one telephone call? After that we will have a dialogue with the authorities. In this dangerous situation neither the authorities will be able to work properly nor can the peaceful demonstrators fulfill their obligations. Dialogue doesn’t imply bargaining. Our peaceful, legal movement recognizes the created political reality and is ready to settle the issues in a civilized manner, with the accepted norms of the political struggle. Because the created situation is due to the elections, then, what we really need is new presidential and parliamentary elections.”

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