Impatiently rubbing their hands Levon’s supporters are getting prepared for the coming battles. Some of them never leave the journalist’s clubs, some stage their “liberation struggle” directly from “Yerevan-Kentron” penitentiary, giving interviews to the “freedom-striving” press, suffering under the yoke of the violence. Below we introduce some vivid examples from the latest aggravations of the neo-Bolsheviks.



Who guided the crowd?


Head of Armenian Pan National Movement Administration Ararat Zurabyan, in his free time during the hunger strike found out that it was Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan who has planned beforehand the “March 1 slaughter”.

Proofs? Please! Zurabyan says at around 9.00 p.m. when the first firings were heard from Paronyan street a huge crowd was gathered near Myasnikyan statue and there was no policeman there: “Later we learnt that the police and the internal troops have gathered in Leo street and Mashtots avenue. Thus we have to presume that using force by the authorities was planned in that particular territory. That is why they guided the people in that direction. It is evident that the actions were aimed at organizing a demonstrative slaughter towards one part of the demonstrators.

But, in this case, lots of questions appear. For example, was it by Robert Kocharyan’s guidance that the “peaceful demonstrators” armed with cutting-pinching tools went to Myasnikyan’s statue? Why did they decide to gather in that particular place full of police and internal troops instead of choosing a more secure place?

Was it Robert Kocharyan or the Armenian Herostrat who ordered the furious crowd not to leave the territory?


To Spoil The Elections Is The Principle Goal


This week “Radical” Ara Sahakyan pleasantly surprised us. Very much inspired of the forthcoming rally, the former vice Speaker of the Parliament hurried to reveal the secret of the boss’s self-nomination.

To the question whether LTP is responsible for organizing the “bloody feast” of March 1. Mr. Sahakyan said: “Levon Ter-Petrosyan has a big sin. It is his being nominated for presidency. Had he not done that the authorities would have won a complete victory and laid a big table to celebrate this victory. But Levon Ter-Petrosyan didn’t allow this to happen. For this he shoulders big responsibility.”

With this words Levon’s companion-in-arm, in fact, gave away Ter-Petrosyan, by confessing that the only goal of the latter’s being nominated for presidency was far not to be elected (which is from the sphere of fantasy). Something that the authorities used to speak about, on the highest level.

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