There are few people in our reality who still doubt that L. Ter-Petrosyan returned to active politics due to the great political and financial support of the West.


Those financial means were invested in the Ter-Petrosyan-led movement in an indirect manner – in the form of medium-scale grant projects allocated to public, political and human rights organizations which, behind the false slogan of democracy and human rights, used them with political considerations. And the process has continued up to date.

As confirmed by the document that has come to hand, the Ter-Petrosyan-led opposition has financial ties with foreign forces. And this is just one of the numerous examples.

According to the document, certain Western circles make large-scale financial allocations to different organizations operating under their control. And the goal is to destabilize the situation in Armenia – something that has periodically continued even after the March 1 developments.

This is one of the reasons that the situation here remains tense: the West provides the funding, and L. Ter-Petrosyan’s team carries out the tasks.

And thus, the document confirming the fact of the “Armenian colored revolution’s” being funded by abroad is a kind of agreement signed between the “Assistance Foundation of the Open Society Institute” (Soros Foundation) and the “Helsinki Committee of Armenia”. In other words, the parties to the above-mentioned ill-famed agreement are the “Soros Foundation” (which, as we know, has funded the colored revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine) and the “Helsinki Committee of Armenia”, an organization headed by Avetik Ishkhanyan.

And what does George Soros’s office in Budapest offer Mr. A. Ishkhanyan under the agreement? It offers him a grant project aimed at “Providing Legal Assistance to the Individuals Arrested in the Post-electoral Period”, and the sum makes up around 32.5 thousand US Dollars. The project implementation period is from May 14, 2008 till May 14, 2009, and the report on the accomplishments is due in June 2009.

The amount has already been debited to the bank account opened in “Converse Bank” for the “Helsinki Foundation of Armenia” (account No. 00466910101,), and the transfer was made by “Deutche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York” (account No. 04418885).

In this regard, there is the following noteworthy consideration: the “Soros Foundation”, otherwise known as “Open Society Institute”, is registered in Budapest as a charity foundation (address: Akademia u. 6, Budapest, H-1054), but the grant, for some reason, is provided by the New York branch of “Deutche Bank”.

And here is the most important thing: what should the allocated sums be spent on? According to the customer, the grant aims to assist the “Helsinki Committee of Armenia” in covering the legal costs of the individuals arrested after the presidential elections (February-March 2008). These sums should be mainly directed at paying off all the court expenses (including the sums spent on applying the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights).

In fact, even if the arrested individuals and their relatives do not want to apply to courts of different instances, the “Helsinki Committee of Armenia” has to “persuade” them to make that step so as the clauses prescribed by the agreement will be fulfilled, and A. Ishkhanyan will be able to spend the amounts received under a grant project. And the “Soros Foundation” will get what it wants, i.e. destabilization of the internal political situation in Armenia and decrease of the country’s international reputation.

As we know, this is one of the compulsory attributes of a “colored revolution”.

In accordance with another noteworthy clause of the “agreement”, the project will be managed by some Council of Experts responsible for the decisions concerning the issues of the legal defense. The committee will also elaborate the main strategic approach of the legal defense.

As to the “Helsinki Committee of Armenia”, it is to coordinate the activities of the legal defense and coordinate and assist in the activities of the group of lawyers based on the decisions of the Council of Experts. Upon necessity, the Council will mobilize the experts of the human rights organizations.

Well, he who pays the piper calls the tune. By this, “Soros” will see to it that the money it sends serves its purpose. And the purpose, as we mentioned above, is to destabilize the situation, preparing a breeding ground for a colored revolution.

There are quite supported arguments testifying to the fact that certain circles have been spending millions of sums on the Ter-Petrosyan-led movement since the autumn of 2007, and they are not going to discontinue the process unless they realize that they have eventually suffered a defeat in Armenia. We have no doubt that they will finally realize that.

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