• As SAMVEL KARAPETYAN is convinced


    “Currently we often hear discussions on the political outcomes of achieving reconciliation between the authorities and the opposition. What considerations do you have in this regard?”

    “The present-day opposition has a long way to pass to become a normal opposition. We have forces which are actually traitors disguised behind the veil of the ‘opposition’. They are not representatives of the opposition; that’s OK, but let’s open our eyes. There is a group of people who have fallen under their influence and become their scapegoats not being intellectually perspicacious and far-sighted enough to differentiate the things in between.

    Do we cheat ourselves by calling him an opposition leader etc. It is, by the way, a multi-layered opposition. There are people who are representatives of the ‘blind opposition’; there are people supporting the opposition but never becoming scapegoats, and there are people who are simply traitors – a force undermining the state behind the veil of the opposition. How can I consider Ter-Petrosyan a pro-opposition figure?

    We should just say to him, ‘you are not a representative of the opposition, and your deeds are peculiar to a traitor rather than a pro-opposition figure. If the time, day and hour of the liberation of Shoushi was concealed from you, what gives you the right to consider yourself as someone concerned by the country’s fate?’ The most cherished and brilliant page of our history is concealed from the President, whereas he should have organized and sponsored all that.

    We call the things and phenomena by their names. We should say ‘It was done secretly because you would have impeded the process. So, what do you have to do in our country? Who are you and why do you unite people around you? Why do you cheat the people?’ If the cheated people are told all those things in an accurate manner, 100 will immediately reduce to 20. Why don’t you say that this person is a traitor? Are you afraid of the masters? Is it Washington or Tel-Aviv you are afraid of? If you are afraid, then say it.

    Wasn’t it under the flag of Israel that Levon was making his speech? Would Alexander Arzoumanyan have become a Foreign Minister hadn’t he had a Jewish wife? Who are you, after all? Who are you? What have you in common with us? Go to your Israel. Let an Armenian live freely in his homeland?”

    “What about your friend Ashot Adamyan? In what group do you see him?”

    “Ashot Adamyan is a true and extremely honest cultural figure. He wants people to avoid cheating and eating up everything. All he thinks about is this, ‘I don’t want to leave this country, so don’t annoy me.’ He wants to create. The state should give that kind of people the opportunity to create, without annoying him to such a degree that, finding himself at a loose, he may think about leaving the country. He is simply annoyed.

    By the way, I am annoyed too. The activity we are engaged in (preservation, measurement and inventorization of monuments) bears no relationship to the country’s situation. A few day’s ago, one of the representatives of the government was trying to explain to us for an hour that the country was in a complex situation. I said to him, ‘Levon’s masters are waiting for new storms. I hope you were able to resist.’ As regards the registration of the monuments of Western Armenia, he gave an uncertain promise to assist in those activities next spring.

    Of course I agree that the country’s situation is bad; I agree that Levon’s masters give us no peace and want to undermine and destabilize the state. Yes, that’s true, but what does it have to do with our work. Even if Levon comes to power, our work must be done.

    Why do we go to Tsitsernakaberd on April 24 and lay flowers on the monument? It is for commemoration, isn’t it? What does our organization do? We fix both the monuments and the tombs (tombstones and pieces of khachkars) of our lost motherland and the murdered people. If we do not want to do that, our laying flowers is nothing more than a lie and deception.

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