Member of the “Republican” Parliamentary faction Artak Davtyan responds to our questions.



“Do you think the temporary committee investigating March 1 developments will answer its purpose, if we take into account the fact that the parliamentary opposition has already put forward certain pre-conditions?”

“The committee has clear goals, enshrined in the draft decision. It is about violence, about the proportionality of the activity of Police, the conditions in which each of those victims died, which is also very important. Besides that the committee must propose political and legal solutions, which will exclude the repetition of March 1-2 developments. In my view the Committee will realize all the tasks set, on time and satisfactory and before October 25 will represent its conclusion during NA Plenary Session of course with corresponding proposals.

It is natural that the opposition has certain proposals, remarks regarding the staff of the committee, principle of formation and function. But this is the case when we must try to avoid party and political affectations, because this temporary committee is going to clarify the whole truth regarding March 1 developments – an issue that is of great significance for our people.

In this respect we welcome Victor Dallakyan’s initiative, regarding the formation of this temporary committee. It is much more valuable that our colleague put this draft decision in circulation at the end of March, before the adoption of the famous resolution by the Council of Europe, because one of the requirements of this resolution was about the formation of similar committee.”

“Besides the proposal about providing equal seats for the Parliamentary minority and majority, they propose to give the seats of the Republican faction to your former colleagues detained in connection with March 1 developments. What can you say in this respect?”

“This approach is totally unacceptable. If people had direct participation in those events and they are accused, do you think they can be impartial? It is another question that according to point 5 of the draft, three days after the formation it is planned to invite Levon Ter-Petrosyan and all the other extra-parliamentary forces to participate in the works of the committee with the right for consultative vote. And, by the way each of them has the right to express special opinion, in case they disagree with the conclusion of the committee. In this respect the authors of the draft have manifested a very balanced approach.”

“While you and your colleagues speak about excluding the repetition of March 1 developments Ter-Petrosyan’s supporters don’t mind “crossing the Rubicon one more time”. The activists of the “movement” directly announce that on June 20 they will try to realize their scenario.”

“What do you mean saying “cross the Rubicon”. If saying “Rubicon” they mean breaching the law, then they will definitely be punished. If after these announcements they take concrete steps, illegal actions it will be prevented by state interference.

After all let’s understand one simple thing, democracy is the only way for our country, there is no other alternative for us, these are not empty words, but on the other hand democracy ends where transgression starts. We must clearly see this differentiation. Opposition has the opportunity to organize all the forms of protest functions. At the moment they use their opportunity by organizing “political walks” in Northern Avenue. I don’t know to what extent these walks contribute to the realization of their political purposes, but it will definitely improve their health.

The effort of the opposition to destabilize the situation is quite understandable. Ter-Petrosyan’s entire campaign, his pre-election and post-election strategy was based on the before mentioned, to keep our society in tension, to make the authorities nervous, forcing them to take certain measures.

In my view the tragedy of March 1 displays that in such situations the state must take all the measures from the beginning not to jeopardize the life of any citizen, instead of sitting and waiting until the passions will inflame more and more.

The right for demonstrations is enshrined in the constitution. But when some people use all the possible and impossible measures to take power, it is a very narrow domain and opposition can’t work in this domain.

In this regard we welcome the changes in NA regulations, which significantly raises the role of the parliamentary opposition, provides opportunity to work in the constructive domain as well. And why not influence the decisions taken by the political majority and propose alternatives.’’


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