When, at the most heated moment of the electoral campaign, L. Ter-Petrosyan put into circulation the expression “Mongol-Tatars” with the purpose of compromising his political rivals, it seemed to some people that he was still under the impression of the “Crusaders of Kilikia”, that’s why, recalling the plunders of the Mongol-Tatars (XIII-XIV centuries), he is now making lame attempts of associating them with the present-day reality.


However, when L. Ter-Petrosyan’s co-thinkers use concepts characteristic of the medieval age, one begins to remember when and by whom the term “Mongol-Tatar Fascism” was first used on the pages of “Hayk” newspaper, the official organ of the Armenian Pan-National Movement.

The thing is that the propaganda technology laying the foundations of the “science of hatred” with the help of drawing parallels between the Mongol-Tatars and the Fascists has a concrete author.

And that person is Joseph Visaryonovich Stalin, the “Great Father” of the peoples. In a speech delivered on the radio at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he advanced the idea that the fascists’ attack on the Soviet Union was fraught with the prospect of reinstating the century-old Mongol-Tatar yoke in the country.

The propaganda method of attributing the archetype of the “Golden Horde” (well-known to almost all the peoples of the Soviet Union, especially the Russians) to the German Fascists worked perfectly well, serving as a basis for numerous literary works, including songs, in which the idea of leading a deadly struggle against the “horde – the evil fascist force”, was represented as a sacred task.

By trying to develop and “enrich” the archetype of the “Mongol-Tatar” state, the proponents of L. Ter-Petrosyan are actually putting J. Stalin’s well-known ideas into circulation.

A question arises as to what relationship all this bears to the present-day reality and who currently poses a threat to the physical existence of our people to make us ignore the concepts “space” and “time” and artificially link together the characteristic features of the XIII-XIV century Mongol-Tatar khans and the XX century fascists and shift them to the political arena of the Third Armenian Republic with the purpose of instilling unlimited hatred in our people.

And the “criminal-police” system which has inherited the structure of the Mongol-Tatar khanate and the ideology of fascism turns out to be the ‘hated organization’ in our reality.

However, our country really has a system engaged in intimidating the citizens and creating an atmosphere of fear, how come that the correspondent of “Hayk” dares to call the things by their real names? If we really lived in the era of “Mongol Tatar Fascism”, the authors of such characterizations would be forced to sit on stakes or, at best, be moved to “gas chambers” by the use of fascist methods. Whereas, the theorists of “Mongol-Tatar” fascism are currently free and are able to preach not only democracy but also the Stalinism.

The main peculiarity of Stalinism is the instilment of universal hatred not only in the external but also the “internal enemy”. The unlimited hatred which the proponents of L. Ter-Petrosyan are currently trying to instill in society is like an ordinary boomerang. Therefore, the expression “Mongol-Tatar fascism” produces the boomerang effect, returning to them in the form of the “science of hatred” characteristic to the Stalinist period. And this is no longer a “science fiction” dividing the two phenomena (the Mongol-Tatar yoke and fascism) from each other by a long interval of 7 centuries; it is rather the present-day perception of the in-depth unity of the Soviet Stalinism and the German Fascism, ideologies that existed in the middle of the XX century.

Thus, the propaganda of universal hatred is gradually transforming the pro-Ter-Petrosyan democrats into pro-Stalin activists, bringing them closer to fascism.


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  1. Stalin's Archetype

    “Dogs bark, the caravan moves on…”

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