On Friday, the Executive Body of the Republican Party of Armenia made a decision to nominate Hovik ABRAHAMYAN as a parliamentary candidate in constituency No. 17. What is such decision accounted for and hasn’t it given rise to controversies between the “old and new” Republicans, as claimed by some people?


In response to our questions, RPA Press Secretary EDUARD SHARMAZANOV presents his comments.

“The issue has been speculated in the press many times. I must say that those rumors do not correspond to the reality. Discussions and even controversies inside à party are always possible, and this is normal. But as regards the issue of nominating a candidate in constituency No. 17, there was no controversy here.

You are aware that there was a vacancy in the constituency in connection with Henrik Abrahamyan’s assuming a new post. And as an active participant in the political processes and a member of the political coalition, the Republican decided to propose its own candidate considering that there are a lot of unresolved problems in that constituency like in many others.

In this particular case, that candidate is Hovik Abrahamyan, member of the RPA council. In its session, the executive body unanimously proposed Mr. Abrahamyan’s candidacy, considering his authority and experience as well as the activities implemented in the region.”

“According to the scenarios circulated in the press and behind the curtain, Hovik Abrahamyan ‘is going’ to replace Tigran Torosyan in the post of the NA Speaker. According to another scenario, there’s going to be a ‘castling’, i.e. Hovik Abrahamyan will assume the post of the Head of the faction and Karen Karapetyan will be appointed as the Head of the presidential staff.”

“I am the Press Secretary of the party, and I can never make assumptions; I make my statements based on facts. And the fact is that the party did not discuss any other issue apart from the nomination of Hovik Abrahamyan’s candidacy. Neither the issue of changing the NA Speaker nor anything else of the kind was included in the agenda. We work in a transparent manner, together with our public and our colleagues from the press, and should anything of the kind be discussed, the mass media will be the first to know about it.”

“Not satisfied with the ‘March 1’, the opposition declares of its intention of ‘seizing’ the Freedom Square and then coming to power at any price, regardless the decision of the Mayor’s Office. How do you estimate this objective?”

“Let’s note first of all that Ter-Petrosyan’s team is not the only representative of the opposition. There is an opposition inside the Parliament, and there is an opposition outside the Parliament which, by the way, supports neither the ideas of Mr. Ter-Petrosyan nor the activities of his team. So, let’s not consider them merely as representatives of the opposition. They may be labeled as an extremist opposition or revanchists, i.e. a group of people who are striving for a revanche.

There is only one way in the civilized world. That is, to initiate reforms in a normal way, through evolutions. All the reforms should be implemented in compliance with the Constitution and our international commitments.

If our colleagues from the opposition camp are striving for a shift of power, they may achieve that through elections. And if they consider that they should hold demonstrations by all means, they are free again; they may exercise those rights in accordance with the Constitution and the law recently adopted by the National Assembly.

As recently mentioned by the President of the Republic, elections to the local self-government bodies are really going to be held in autumn. Let them have their participation, win and work. After all, democracy is the power of the majority which takes into consideration the views of

the minority. The President and the ruling coalition have announced many times and proven by their deeds that they are ready to vest certain authorities in the opposition. The Parliament will soon discuss the issue, and certain positions will soon be offered to our colleagues belonging to ‘Heritage’ faction as well.

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