Twin Brothers 


    The historical Bolsheviks, under Lenin’s leadership and today’s Neo-Bolsheviks, under Ter-Petrosyan’s leadership are twin brothers. Let’s start from the fact that both the first and the second ones have started their struggle with futile promises of establishing justice.

    The idea of justice – this is what you can read on all the flags, with which the revolutionaries usually go to occupy the palaces, estates or even the Heaven.

    This word embraces the music of the revolution. This word nourished Volodya Ulyanov, from Simbirsk, and Ernest Guevara with nickname “Che”. But these people usually end in concentration camps and all the before mentioned ends in grimace.

    But it can’t have any other finish. Justice is a cruel and bloody thing. A very wise man has once said that, had God been very just, instead of merciful, he would have already annihilated humanity from this world for their sins.

    Yes, injustice really grows in Armenia nowadays. Maybe more than ever. It is not fair that some get too much salary some little. It is not fair that life in Yerevan is better than in the provinces. The distribution of wealth is also not fair. It is not fair that the “new Armenians” build country houses but teachers get very little salary, and so on and so forth.

    But the situation will be worse in this country if we set off hatred against injustice, or if we envy and do evil. In that case only blind fury will work. Let’s remember the speeches delivered by Levon Ter-Petrosyan and his supporters during the past 8 months. What do they comprise except hatred? Don’t you think that this was the reason of March 1?

    By the way, one very noteworthy quotation: “It is necessary to eliminate the representatives of the government in power, be armed with anything (guns, knives, cudgels, things to make fire), throw stones on the troops, pour boiled water on them, make bombs….” The same thing Lenin wrote in the leaflets in October 1905.

    Don’t you find similarities between the Bolsheviks and Armenian Neo-Bolsheviks?

    There is one thing that unites the historical Bolsheviks and Neo-Bolsheviks, they don’t think about anything but annihilating the “enemy”. They are concentrated on that idea, independent of their own condition.

    Beginning from the end of May 1921, Lenin’s health deteriorated. After 1922, apoplectic strokes were very frequent. His intellectual abilities were going down and down. He was obliged to learn reading and writing. On May 30, for 5 hours he couldn’t multiply 7 by 12.

    But what did he use to think of, even during this critical period. Yes, again the same thing: to catch and expel the philosophers and scientists, which by the way happened in 1922.

    The health condition of Armenian Neo-Bolsheviks was also deteriorating beginning from September 2007. Each public event was like an apoplectic stroke. It seemed after March 1-2 these people would start learning primitive things…

    But instead of starting to learn the political alphabet, they announce that they are going to continue their struggle after June 20.

    What is the difference between the Bolsheviks and Neo-Bolsheviks?

    On March 6, 1923 Lenin got a very strong apoplectic stroke, due to which he was unable to perceive the words. But most probably he already had the problem of listening to his opponents, or to perceive any idea contradicting his own.

    And now just tell me how many times have our Neo-Bolsheviks, under Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s leadership refused the proposal of dialogue made by the authorities. Have they ever manifested any desire to understand their opponents?

    Historical Bolsheviks and present-day Neo-Bolsheviks are twin brothers. How could ever Ticia and Leonardo, Goya and Michelangelo, Shakespeare and Dostoevsky describe this terrible connection?”


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