“I have discovered anti-tank capsules. When you swallow them you don’t see the tanks,” one of Arkadi Raykin’s (Russian famous satiric) heroes announced thirty years back.


    These days funny foolishness has turned into a dull reality. The only issue that the authorities try to overlook after March 1-2 developments, is Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s being in freedom. By now it is still a big question why didn’t the main organizer of the mass disorder, due to which ten people died and hundreds were injured, shoulder responsibility. Was it difficult to prove that the activists of the failed revolution were performing Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s order? Of course no! So why is he in freedom?

    Is it surprising that the activists still continue their bellicose announcements about the demonstration on June 20, in the Theatrical Square, though the Municipality didn’t give permission?

    And Ter-Petrosyan will definitely send his supporters to occupy the Theatrical Square and will do everything to create clash between the people and the law enforcers. And if we suffer more losses Ner will only be happy. Because as we know on June 23 the issue of Armenia is going to be discussed in PACE.

    So, will Levon Ter-Petrosyan be in freedom after June 20 as well. God willing we will not suffer any losses on June 20. But the problem is according to the law the organizers must bear responsibility for holding illegal demonstrations. And we shouldn’t also forget that everything will not finish with June 20. It can be followed by, for example, July 11, August 1, etc. Is it a holiday that is always with us?

    Some people become terrified when they see dentists. Actually no one likes to visit dentists. Instead people prefer to drink analgin. The same thing is doing the government in power towards Levon Ter-Petrosyan, with the principle “not today, tomorrow”. Should we inform you about the terrible consequences?

    For the recent many days the only thing the ruling power does is to feel ashamed of what they did, express readiness for concession, make new and new proposals and by the way – no result. This gives the opportunity to the neo-Bolsheviks to multiply their feelings – happiness, then enthusiasm, then fervor, etc. Enough is enough. In 1884 Pop of Rome Levon 13 published a kondak, which was later read in all the Catholic Churches. It started with these words: “The humanity is divided into two conflicting parts – one is the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the other is the Kingdom of Satan…” Later he speaks about masons. “These days, those who walk in the path of the evil, those who machinate and jointly struggle under the leadership of a deeply rooted and wide spread human resources are called masons.

    Levon 13 encourages the believers to struggle against the masons and Ner’s followers. Don’t you think that we also need the same?

    Another not less noteworthy thing! English philosopher Arnold Toynby invented the theory of the global regularities of the development and fall of the civilizations. From 21 civilizations ever existed in the history of humanity 20 have been lost. Toynby says the decisive factor of the development is the search of answers to the challenges proposed to the society by the history. The answers given to the challenges following one another make the civilizations stronger. But this can happen only in case the tendency of shifting from the foreign sphere to the internal one is recorded.

    In other words the road towards the bright future is through the internal challenges. The same as in case of an individual. All the problems are inside you, but you look for them in your neighbor.

    So let’s firstly solve our main internal problem, in the person of Levon Ter-Petrosyan. And by the way let’s solve it without anti-tank capsules.


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