The decisions of the European Court of Human Rights should not be considered as victories or defeats as every decision is aimed to help and direct the State, officials and public representatives to make the local legislations in line with the European standards, said Gevorg Kostanyan, the Deputy Minister of Justice and the representative of the RA Government in the European Court of Human Rights, in a press conference, today.

In particular the deputy minister finds it inaccurate the announcements of Meltex company about their victory. Remind that yesterday; on June 17 the European Court of Human Rights upheld the case of Meltex company vs. Republic of Armenia. The RA Commissioner in the European Court of Human Rights said that the Republic of Armenia has more gained in this case than it is defeated. 2 of 3 are declined We can state that RA is not defeated as they have appealed 3 demands and 2 of them are declined. The court upheld only 1 point and registered a violation, said the Deputy Minister. According to the appeal, the company notified that its freedom of speech and independence and independent investigation are violated. According to the European Court the right of independent investigation of Meltex company is not violated and no restrictions are conducted. According to the Court the right of freedom of expression is violated as the National Committee of TV and Radio did not clarified the subpoints of the decline. In this regard, the Deputy Minister said that the decision will help the committee to be more accurate in providing the basis of declines. London gets its part Mesrop Harutyunyan and Meltex company expected to get 1mln 500 thousands dollars for compensation from the RA. But in the result of the RA Government negotiations the company will get EUR 30 thousands. The company applied to the court to get financial, moral and advocate expenses compensations, by the way, the company mentioned two types of advocate service compensation internal and international. The European Court declined to affirm internal compensation and made a decision that only international advocate service expenses should be compensated. Note that the companys international advocate service provider is KJRP company which presents the interests of Azeri citizens in the court. The Deputy Minister of Justice said that Meltex company has right to take part in the tenders of getting broadcasting frequency.



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