We wonder how many people are going to suffer this time



“Considering the authorities’ cynical contempt for the requirements of Resolution # 1609, as well as the expiry of the time-limits envisaged for their implementation, the Pan-National Movement has decided to hold a ‘republican-wide demonstration’ on the Freedom Square on the 20th of June.” This is the “good news” one may find in the final part of the long statement disseminated by the Ter-Petrosyan-led movement center.

It’s no secret that “Levon’s witnesses” or the half-crazy activists had been waiting for such “good news” for quite a long time. It should be noted, however, that the leadership of the movement was making announcements about this 15 days before the appointed day. And all this happens in a situation when they haven’t even submitted any request to the Mayor’s Office for holding a demonstration.

We wonder why the leaders of the movement were informing the “peaceful demonstrators” about the event so early.

As the movement center claims in its statement, they had submitted 40 requests for holding demonstrations and marches after the state of emergency was lifted; however, they met with rejection. But in none of the 40 cases had they notified the activists of their intention at least two days before organizing the above-mentioned events. And now, they have started sounding a gong breathlessly, 15 days before the demonstration.

And the goal is obvious. Just to give the “peaceful demonstrators” time to prepare for the demonstration seriously and manage to acquire “self-defense” arms by the 20th of June, and provide tents, explosives etc. for the freedom fighters who are on a hunger strike in Yerablour and elsewhere.

And this is how the movement center ends its statement, making well-founded predictions and giving warnings that that they have no guarantee that the “peaceful demonstrators” will not provoke clashes or confrontations. Well, “the game is theirs, and they are well-aware of its might.”

“With the purpose of observing the public order, preventing confrontations and extreme manifestations, keeping the process within the limits of the law and the claim we are going to submit, we propose that the authorities appoint representatives of the Police and the Mayor’s Office so as they will control the regular course of the demonstration, constantly communicating with the activists of the Movement.”

How do the revolutionary leaders know that we are again in store of extreme manifestations and confrontations in 15 days’ time? On the other hand, however, there’s no need to hesitate; the activists of the movement are perfectly aware what their “peaceful demonstrators” are capable of.

It is noteworthy that LTP and his companions, who have so far rejected any possibility of a dialogue with the authorities, are now expressing willingness to cooperate with the same authorities, with the purpose of proposing some of their representatives as members of the Public Council and ensuring the “regular course” of the street campaign.

Is it possible that the organizers of the “March 1” events have decided to insure themselves beforehand? Heaven forbid if they organized the second bloodshed. But in case that happens, they will be able to put all the blames to the authorities “officially”.

The revolutionaries’ explanations that the parties will be constantly communicating with each other to ensure the regular course of the demonstration is no less noteworthy. It isn’t as if we had seen how this kind of “communications” between LTP’s companions (D. Shahnazaryan and L. Zourabyan) and the senior police officials finished in the afternoon of March 1. LTP simply put a veto on the “negotiations”, waiting for the bloodsheds in a quiet and peaceful manner.

And today he is already making haste to assure the “peaceful demonstrators” that the “demonstration will take place in any case”, “under any circumstances” and “regardless anything”.

We also wonder what speeches they are going to make to satiate the “hunger” of he aggressive activists. Since April 17, the day of passing the PACE Resolution, they have been screaming out that the requirements of the Resolution are not being implemented.

As to the “political prisoners”, we are already sick and tired of hearing the “activists” raise the issue. And the claims for holding extraordinary elections are already plugged up in the ears of the activist-attackers. After all, is there a topic or an issue the revolutionaries are unaware of?

There is. The day and the time of attacking the Presidential Residence. The attackers were waiting for the answer to this question during the demonstration-series organized at the end of February. It’s quite possible that a relevant instruction will be given at the end of June.

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